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2021 Picnic

We want to thank all of those who attended our first picnic. The weather was prefect. About 61 members attended. We had sandwiches from Jimmie John’s with chips and cookies. Any beverages that needed to be were well disguised.

We spoke about some of the planned events we have – September Dinner, December Christmas Party. The details are being developed and we will report when fully developed.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the set-up, food distribution and clean-up. Everyone did a great job making sure this event was a success.

We appreciate those who brought their dues up to date. We have about 41 members who have not paid. Please consider letting a Board Member know if you plan to pay. We will be sending out another reminder.

The survey results will be published once tallied.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped and to all who attended. It all made the picnic a success.

Al Marano

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