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Update from the Board - September 2021

We want to thank everyone who helped with the dinner last week at Cheval. There were about 65 members present. The dinner included a salad, lasagna, and dessert.

Two important issues were covered:

1. Volunteers for next year to serve on the Board. A big thanks to everyone who stepped up. We will publish the names once our Nomination Committee had confirmed all who are willing to serve.

2. Meeting structure: With the limited revenue for this year we discussed two picnics, 2 nights at Cheval, and 6 meetings at the Northdale Recenter. We discussed the Northdale meetings would include meals prepared with the assistance of volunteers. We need a committee for set-up and clean-up. This is basically placing table cloths and flags on the tables. Clean-up is removing the table coverings. It takes about 6 people for each.

The alternative is where we contract with Cheval but pay individually for the meal. We will prepare a questionnaire to determine how many times a year we should consider this option. The second part is how many meetings might be desert only.

These options are for the 6 meetings at Northdale.

Mark your Calendars for October 17 for a Sunday afternoon picnic. We will be in Shelter 1, the same location as the last time. The menu will be sandwiches, chips and cookies. We will have water. You may bring your own non-alcoholic beverage.

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