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Webinar for IASCTB 2021 trips

Spring Sicily / Southern Italy trip Webinar May 21 1PM

Colette Travel will review two trips for 2021. The Canadian Rockies by Train and Sicily / Southern Italy

Time & Location


Webinar for IASCTB 2021 trips

About the Event


Below you will find the webinar invitation for  Southern Italy & Sicily and Canadian Rockies by Train. Andrew the  Collette rep will cover the Southern Italy & Sicily tour first  (about 20 minutes) followed by the Canadian Rockies tour (about 20  minutes). After each one he will open it  up for questions this way if folks only want to see the Southern Italy  & Sicily presentation they don’t have to stay on for the entire  presentation to have their questions answered. It should run from 2pm to  3pm including the questions. For the Canadian Rockies  tour, since we don’t have dates and rates out just yet (may have them  available in the next 2 or 3 weeks),  Andrew will note this and let  folks know to contact me if interested that way once released I can  notify them.


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