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NY Yankees Spring Training

The Italian American Social Clubs primary fundraising effort is volunteering at the NY Yankees spring training games.  For 2020 we are looking to volunteer for 8 games. The schedule of games we will be participating are located below.

To sign up for games, please provide your name, email address, phone number and the games you would like to participate in to Al Marano ( or the contact us form on this web site.  

Saturday February 22, 2020

1:05 PM vs Toronto

Wednesday February 26, 2020

1:05 PM vs Nationals

Thursday February 27, 2020

1:05 PM vs Rays

Tuesday March 3, 2020

1:05 PM vs Boston

Friday March 6, 2020

1:05 PM vs Orioles

Tuesday March 10, 2020

1:05 PM vs Toronto

Saturday March 14, 2020

1:05 PM vs Phillies

Friday March 20, 2020

1:05 PM vs Marlins

Volunteer Plan


Game Day Schedule

• ARRIVAL TIME (at employee entrance gate):

   - Day Game starting @ 1:05 pm. Arrive by 10:00 AM

   - Night Game starting @ 6:35 pm. Arrive by 3:00 PM.

   - TEAM LEADERS (TBD) are to arrive 30 minutes earlier.

• Bring picture ID to enter the stadium.

• Personal items may be brought into the stadium in a clear bag.

• Free Parking provided across Dale Mabry Hwy in the Bucs Stadium in the Volunteer Parking Area. 

• Breaks are provided during the game when there are no or small lines.

• Concession stand food items are available for purchase at 50% off / fountain drinks are free during the game while on break.

• Depart after game is over and when area is clean. Usually within 30 minutes after game is over unless we are working Retail Store then you will depart about 45 minutes after the game is over.


Dress Code

• White or light colored solid shirt - Tee shirts are fine.

• NYY will provide uniform shirts to be worn during the shift.

• All clothing must be free of any designs and advertising logos.

• One Yankee hat will be provided per person. You must bring this hat with you if you volunteer again.

• Black or khaki slacks or shorts only. Shorts are allowed, but can be no more than 2 inches above the knee. Baggy pants, tight fitting or spandex type materials are NOT PERMITTED.

• Comfortable soled shoes with non- skid soles. Open toe shoes or sandals ARE NOT PERMITTED. • Visible tattoos or facial piercings are not allowed. Beards/mustaches should be clean and well maintained. • No smoking for volunteers.

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